Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Newlyweb

Two weeks ago, Fahrur (my husband) offered me to move my blog into dotcom.
I think it's great idea and I said YES :))
the problem is that it cost money, because i have to renew it every year hehehehehe
so, as we think it through (surely we need to cut some spending for other things)
But, I decided to change my blogspotdotcom into dotcom *YYAAYYY!!!*

And here we are, the new web address :

what’s a blog for me? i tell you the story...
There is still no internet when I was in elementary school when my parents bought a computer to use at home.
I'd love to write all the things that I got from books and I think, one day I would be online writer and my writing can be read by many people  around the world.
Alhamdulillah, it happens…..

This blog is almost 5yo. I created when I was busy on my thesis and so predictable, many alay contents \(^^)/

This blog also summarizes all that I have been through, I  felt  and most of the journey of my life.

Because writing makes us will remain alive even though we are no longer in the world.

So, feel free to share….

I try to keep practice english on this blog (I’m gonna write in bahasa, or in English according to my mood X.O.X.O), so feel free to criticize the grammar.
and also please keep reading the contents, guys ! is my 1st mo anniversary. LOVE U SO, HUBBY !! :*


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