Thursday, December 20, 2012

my NEXT plan

I have a BIG plan
and probably will change my life at least untill i retire or forever
'till now, i'm still thinking about the options :)

Social Worker, this is my passion and I always think of it
What's your initial goals ?
yeeaahhh, the plan it could possible to change, but when we got lost, it would be better go back to the ORIGINAL purpose.

When i talked to my senior, he was very supportive about my decision
and he suggested, i had to collect 50 points or equal to 20 papers, so my hard work is worth doing -.- (eeuummm blogging seems easier) heuheuheu
and now there are only 2 options, yes or no ?

**This plan will be a new resolution for 2013 and i've target to finish in March 2013.


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